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Important Notes: Not all values reported in excess of DEP standards or limits are violations of DEP rules. Higher emissions are allowed for limited periods when a facility is starting up or shutting down, encounters certain malfunctions, or experiences isolated "spikes" due to operating conditions.

The DEP fugitive ash standard is applied to an entire facility. Although fugitive ash concentrations are reported for individual units, these represent facility-wide performance and are not cumulative.

If you have questions or need additional information about the terms or units of measure used in this report, please see the Glossary.

The five facilities currently subject to the requirements of the 1998 Municipal Waste Combustor Rule are required to report to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) both periodically and when certain events or operating conditions cause the facilities' emissions to exceed the limits established in the 1998 Rule and/or their individual Emission Control Plans. Reports cover periods of three, six or twelve months and are submitted either semi-annually or annually.

DEP reviews these reports (but generally not before they are posted on this Web site) and may take enforcement action when data shows emissions that exceed regulatory standards.

Please note that episodes in which emissions exceed standards do not all necessarily constitute violations. The 1998 Rule allows higher emissions for limited durations in specific circumstances: during startup or shutdown, in the event of certain malfunctions, or when there are isolated "spikes" in operating conditions.

A summary of the reports that facilities are required to file with DEP is available here. For more detailed facility-specific information, please contact the appropriate DEP Regional Service Center. Reports accessible from this Web site contain emissions and operating data reported by the operators of facilities subject to the DEP Municipal Waste Combustor Rule. For additional information, please read our Data Disclaimer.